Ford Mustang 'California Special' Hits The Road With Retro Looks And Rev-Matching 6-Speed Manual

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Ford has announced that the legendary California Special package will return for the 2019 Mustang pony car. Ford is packing some very cool tech into the 2019 California Special with a 6-speed manual transmission that features rev-matching technology. Ford says that rev-match tech will "ensure smoother and more spirited day-to-day-driving."

Ford will also give California Special buyers the chance to own the first-ever custom-tuned B&O Play premium audio system for the Mustang. The California Special will have new vintage-inspired colors and over-the-top stripes.

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"No doubt, 2019 is an exciting year for Mustang enthusiasts, especially fans of our California Special and Bullitt models," said Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager. "This year further targets hardcore Mustang enthusiasts who want even more performance from BULLITT, while new technology including rev-matching on manual transmission equipped Mustang GTs and active valve performance exhaust on EcoBoost models means even more thrills."

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The California Special has a trademark fading stripe from the 5.0 badge to the rear fender scoop that fades as it moves back. The front offers a blacked-out grille and has the splitter from the Performance Pack 1. The wheels are unique machined 5-spoke units. The interior has black Miko suede-trimmed seats with the GT/CS insignia and red contrasting stitching.

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The 5.0L V8 engine makes 460hp and 420 lb-ft of torque giving the car a top speed of 155mph. To get the fancy 6-speed manual with rev-matching, you need to opt for the 6-speed and available Performance Package. Rev-match is an automatic feature that does the same thing pro drivers do with heel-toe shifting to smooth the transition between gears.

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EcoBoost models will have a quad-tip fully variable active valve performance exhaust; this is the same system the 5.0L V8 received last year. As for colors, Ford will offer Velocity Blue and Need for Green as new hues for the Mustang for 2019. The 2019 California Special Mustang will go on sale this summer when the entire 2019 Mustang line hits dealers. One of those new Mustang models is the Bullitt Mustang with its exclusive Dark Highland Green color.

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