Alleged 2019 Apple iPhone Prototype Cases Seemingly Confirm Key Design Change

There have been many leaks making the rounds that claim to give insight into what the 2019 Apple iPhone models will look like, and what features they will offer. Rumors have suggested that these new iPhone models won't have 5G connectivity (which isn't surprising), but will have a new antenna design. Rumors have also indicated that the new iPhones will have an ugly, square camera bump on the rear with three cameras inside.

iphone 2019 square cam leak

Many iPhone fans have hoped that the unsightly square camera bump rumor was wrong. But, that earlier reporting has seemingly been confirmed with alleged iPhone prototype cases surfacing that show a large square cutout for the camera area. The third camera sensor -- which prompted the rear camera pod design change -- is said to be an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view.

iphone 2019 case leaked

The cases also hint at some other minor tweaks around the smartphone. The prototype cases fit on the current-generation iPhones, suggesting the overall size and proportions will be roughly the same. One thing that has changed is that the mute switch, power, and volume buttons are slightly misaligned on the prototype cases compared to current-generation iPhone XS Max.

That change suggests that Apple is moving the power and volume buttons a bit lower than they currently are on the iPhone XS Max. The prototype cases did match up perfectly when the current-generation iPhone XR was placed into the case alleged to be for the alleged iPhone 11R.

Other features on tap for the incoming crop of iPhones include a new Apple A13 processor, further improved Face ID cameras, and the potential for USB-C connectivity in favor of the long-standing Lightning port. The new phones will of course some out of the box running iOS 13.