18 Billion Dollar Gopher Spotted On The Eastern Seaboard

Verizon is burying FIOS lines to houses as fast as they can for their customers on the Northeastern seaboard. And they're beginning to offer download speeds that just might make their investment in broadband service infrastructure pay for all that digging --up to 50 megabits per second:

Hungry for broadband content, I noticed that Verizon shrewdly rented space next to the press room, also known as the feed lot. Its exhibit displayed all the services and content available thanks to its ridiculously fast Fios fiber-to-the-home broadband service. It starts at $40 per month for 5.2 megabits per second, but it can go as high as $179 a month for 50 megabits per second, enough bandwidth to satisfy a mansion with five high-def TV sets, three Xboxes and four Alienware gaming PCs. Perfect for the inattentive parent.

The iPhone was the ballerina announced this week. 50Mbps is the Hulk smash. Read about Verizon's gamble here.

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