160Mbps down / 120Mbps DOCSIS 3 Cable Coming

To coin a phrase from a very well respected colleague, Ars Technica has a bit of "put your ass in the know tonight" (that's PYAITK) with a look-ahead at the DOCSIS 3 Cable Modem standard. Oh baby, glorious bandwidth! 

"Any geek will tell you that there's no such thing as "too fast" when it comes to broadband speeds, and that's why the recent DOCSIS 3.0 spec is exciting to cable modem users. The new version of DOCSIS (Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications) will allow for jaw-dropping physical layer speeds of 160Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps back up - more than a fourfold increase over current rates."

Jaw-dropping they said... "jaw dropping".  Yes indeed, 160Mbps would pretty much cause the jaw to drop alrighty...   

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