Summer Vacation '08, Seaside and the Living Is Breezy

There's nothing quite like a little downtime by the ocean, at least as far as this Cape Cod boy is concerned.  We've recently revamped the HotHardware blogs section and our developer, Andrey, was gracious enough to enable it almost immediately.  What a fitting opportunity to post in here, while "out of the office", notebook in hand and a libation in the other.  The place we've rented for the week is a complete sanctuary.  It's on a little spot of Cape Code known as "The Fingers", on Bass River.  Each finger is a water inlet, a passage way for boats and docks, sort of like a little Venice but there are no through-ways and all fingers are quiet, dead end inlets with homes lining up and down them.   One word, beauteous...

View From The Master Room

View From The Patio and Dock

You can't see it here but the deck and patio area is just sublime.  The owners have a big, gas-powered aluminum steaming pot out here too; just what the doctor ordered for a Lobster and Steamers feast that is capable of almost completely recharging the batteries.  We have a small 20' bow rider boat that is just perfect for down here and it's tied off at our own private slip.  A little fishing, a little tubing, cheese and cracker cruise.  Ahh this is the life.  I wonder what the commoners are doing today?  Oh right, they rented a house down on the Cape for the week.  It's real nice.  ;-)