Need A Tech Makeover Winners - Video Spotlight

Need A Tech Makeover Winners - Video Spotlight

Earlier this quarter, we teamed up with Intel and our publicist, Federated Media, in an effort to hold a very special sort of contest and promotion called "Need A Tech Makeover".  The contest allowed us to give back to the community and help out three deserving people whose lives were desperately in need of a technology face-lift.  These three lucky winners would each be awarded $5,000 worth of new desktops and notebooks based on Intel Centrino 2 and Core 2 technology, as well as all the required peripherals to take full advantage of all their new computing horsepower.  Recently, we announced our three lucky winners, a small town Performing Arts group called Steps Off Broadway, a stage 4 cancer survivor, Christine from South Carolina, and Susan from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm.
Today, we are proud to unveil the LIVE Tech Makeover action for all three winners! It was such a great experience meeting these three very interesting and gracious people.  They all have very cool stories to tell.  We were honored to have the opportunity to get to know them all and to help make their worlds a little more connected.  In this season of giving, we offer a sincere, heart-felt THANKS to Intel for making it all possible and to our winners for telling us their stories and letting us makeover their lives with a little tech home cookin'  - HotHardware style.  Enjoy! 

Christine Arehart - winner,

Keith Mottola - winner, StepsOffBroadway

Susan Gibbs - winner, MV Fiber Farm

Congratulations again to our Tech Makeover winners!  Keith, Susan and Christine, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you all. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka and Happy Holidays - from your new friends at and Intel.

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