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MadOnion Boot Camp
Or a "San Francisco Boondoggle", which ever you prefer...

By Dave Altavilla - October 6, 2000


Hi there folks!  We are just now getting around to posting the incriminating photos...... err I mean coverage of our trip to San Francisco last weekend. We met with the MadOnion folks and learned a little more about their current and next generation products, XLR8R, BAPCo Sysmark2000, WebMark2001, 3DMark 2001 and Video2000.

The following shots are an on scene look into the event and what kind of mayhem went down during our visit.  We didn't get as many shots as we would have liked and the quality could be better on some but hey, life is just plain unfair sometimes.

Click all shots for full view and be sure to catch the occasional "narration" at the bottom of each page.

The Motley Crew:


From left to right in both shots, Chris Angelini from Sharky Extreme, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta from HH, Yours Truly, Alex "I'm a Sassy Lil' Bitch" Ross (or Mr. Sharky), Ben Hirsch from SE, and Andre Haghgoo Rage Underground

Missing in this shot was Kyle Bennett from HardOCP, who was more fun than a barrel of lubed monkeys, to hang out with but nursing a life threatening hang-over at that point in time.  Kyle was last seen the night before with a "Professional Woman" uttering the something about "groups".  This mysterious woman seemed to walk away disgusted.  =)


The MadOnion Gang:

Almost the entire MadOnion Executive Staff....


On the left is Markus Maki, MadOnion CTO and Nathan Harley VP of Marketing on the right



XLR8R Man In Effect!  MadOnion Babe Is Crazy For Him!


3DMark 2001 Stuff:

Pulled...  Honoring MadOnion's request for confidentiality

We would like to extend a big THANKS to the folks at MadOnion for treating us all so well during our visit to San Fran.  It was an experience we won't soon forget.  It was also great to meet all the cool fellow Web Dudes and get a chance to do some "bonding".  That in and of itself was well worth the trip.



To HotHardware!


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