Cool P3450 @ 558MHz.!

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 Hey folks! I have completed a VERY efficient cooling rig for my P!!!-450 !

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OK, so we all know that the stock Pentium !!! Heatsink and Fan that comes with the Retail CPU is absolutely inadequate for the job (my humble opinion of course). So, I set out to improve upon the situation. I wanted cool the CPU better with a bigger sink and fan combo and also help the cache chips make contact with the sink in the process! Let's dismantle (my favorite part) shall we?

First -- we have to remove the clip on fan assembly. This is very easy to do. Just pull it off. If you need directions for this step, then you probably shouldn't proceed! :-) Below on the left, is what the sink will look like under the fan hood assemble after it is removed.

Second -- we need to remove the heatsink from the CPU. It is held in place by the plastic clips you see in the right side picture. They are rather difficult to remove and I broke them in the process. However, the CPU or PC Board itself is never in harms way when you pull out these clips. The CPU is safely behind the sink at this point, so pry all you want! Here are the clips after they are removed. The red arrows are the post that you see in the picture to the left and the yellow area indicates where the pins snapped coming out.

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So here on the left is what your nude P!!! will look like! Notice the 4ns. Samsung Synch SRAMs! On the right is evidence of my secret weapon that I will reveal to all of you now! The Bergquist Company's GAP PAD !!! This link is to the PDF spec sheet.

As I mentioned we need to also make a thermal junction or contact with the heatsink and cache to keep those little buddies cool as well! Kyle has "Frag Tape" for mounting sinks and we have "Hot Pad" for filling the gaps! The material has a very high thermal conductivity of 0.8W/m-K @ 10psi. So it is excellent for conducting heat from the cache to the sink! The cache is only on the right side of the CPU in the above picture. I covered the small resistor network on left with "Hot Pad" as well just so it wouldn't have any chance of making contact with the sink. "Hot Pad" is non-electrically conductive as well! So, lets put it all together with my favorite sink/fan combo! The sink sits right on the top of the CPU and the "Hot Pad" is nice and snug in there too! The ComputerNerd sink I used has a nice screw down spring clip assembly that allowed me to keep things together nicely.

So... what did I achieve with my new Modified,Buffed and Nitrous Injected P!!!-450?

4.5 X 124 MHz. = 558MHz!!!!

This CPU was only stable at 504 MHz, before I made up this rig! I have been running with at this speed for over a day now without a lock up yet and it is VERY fast! Life is good... :-)


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