ZTE Firefox Smartphone For Sale On eBay for $80 Unlocked Starting Friday

After launching earlier this summer in Spain, Venezuela, and Colombia, the ZTE Open running the Firefox OS will be available in the U.S. and UK, as well. Starting “soon”, you’ll be able to snag an orange handset for $80 on eBay.

“It is great honor to launch the ZTE Open Firefox OS phone worldwide through eBay,” said Mr. Dai Wenhong, VP of ZTE Corporation. “ZTE is devoted to providing more options for customers globally and enabling them to live better lives via advanced technology.”

ZTE Open with Firefox OS

This product is a refreshing entrant into the mobile market, because it both offers a low-cost option for new smartphone customers and is also built on open Web standards, leaving it wide open for development.

The ZTE Open will also run on any mobile network, which makes it an attractive choice for any families or students who need a solid but inexpensive option for another handset.