Zoom App For Apple Vision Pro Takes Aim At Immersion With Facial Expressions

zoom vision pro hero
New owners of Apple’s Vision Pro can look forward to getting a native Zoom app an immersive video conferencing experience. Being able to have these kinds of communication experiences is a big selling point for the new device but, most business and education settings rely on Zoom rather than FaceTime, so this is an important addition to the lineup of native apps available to users.

Zoom says that its new app “seamlessly blends video conferencing with users’ physical space, blurring the lines of in-person and remote meetings with the infinite canvas on Apple Vision Pro, helping distributed teams feel more connected and included.” This will be a nice upgrade for companies with distributed teams who will also be using the Vision Pro as part of its employee’s workflow.

zoom vision pro body

To get a feeling of immersion, users of Zoom’s app will be using what the company refers to as Personas. These personas will be an accurate, spatial representation of a user in avatar form. It will allow for everyone else to see the user’s facial expressions and their hand movements. The company also says that the “experience can be scaled to the perfect size, which is ideal for users wanting to feel like they are in the same room as their colleagues and customers, without the need for additional physical equipment or setup.”

Zoom is also working on adding more features that will be available later in the Spring. 3D object sharing will let users view 3D files within the app, which will be helpful for designers. Additionally, Zoom Team Chat will make it easier for colleagues to streamline communications. Lastly, Real-world pinning will allow users to pin up to five meeting participants in their physical space while removing their background so those participants feel present in the space.

Zoom’s Vision Pro app will become available on February 2, which is the release date of Apple’s latest device.
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