Apple Vision Pro Video In VisionOS Beta Details Slick Eye And Hand Controls

hero apple vision pro beta image
A recently released beta of visionOS for the Vision Pro operating system includes tutorial videos showcasing how a user interacts with visionOS by utilizing eye and hand movements. One onboarding video shared on X called "Input Training" shows how someone wearing a set of Apple's Vision Pro glasses can use hand gestures to open a selected app, such as the same double-tap gesture used with the Apple Watch.

Apple's Vision Pro is the company's first venture into AR/VR headsets, and its visionOS is its first attempt at a spatial operating system. Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with someone's physical space. It is controlled using eye and hand gestures and a person's voice. The operating software is only available to developers at the moment, but a couple of tutorial videos included with the latest software update have been shared on social media.

One video shared on X by user @M1Astra outlines how someone using a Vision Pro headset can navigate the augmented world with eye and hand gestures.

During the tutorial video, the narrator comments, "Your eyes and hands are how you navigate Apple Vision Pro. You browse the system by looking, and it responds to your eyes. Simply look at an element and tap your fingers together to select it. It's like a click on your Mac." The narrator goes on to describe how to scroll, by pinching fingers together, and gently flicking.
A second video shared by @M1Astra on X shows Persona Enrollment for Apple Vision Pro, which was added in visionOS beta 6. M1 says the enrollment uses the EyeSight display to guide the user in creating a customized "Persona" that resembles the user. The Persona can then be used in video chat apps such as FaceTime.

During the second video, the narrator guides the user in setting up a Persona. The user must take off the headset to capture their appearance, then turn their head to the right, to the left, and then tilt up and down. The user will then capture different facial expressions, like smiling with the mouth closed, smiling with teeth showing, raising one's eyebrows, and closing one's eyes. Once all of the expressions have been captured, the user will be able to put the headset back on to view the created Persona.

Personas, along with eye and hand gestures, are only a few of the things Apple is working to perfect before officially releasing its Vision Pro headset to the general public. The Vision Pro headset is scheduled to launch in early 2024 in the US and will cost $3,500.