Zoom Doubles Down On Generative AI With A Rebranded And Expanded ChatGPT-Like Companion

hero zoom ai companion
Zoom wants to lessen your workload with its new AI Companion, which it says will empower you to be more productive while connecting and collaborating with teammates. AI Companion, formerly Zoom IQ, is integrated into the Zoom experience and is included with a paid account.

Artificial intelligence continues to make its way into everyday lives through search engines and generative AI to help creatives up their game. Zoom's AI Companion aims to make a person's work day less stressful by completing some menial tasks that can take up to 62% of a person's work day, according to Zoom. So, even if someone runs late to a meeting, they can grab a coffee and quickly catch up with an AI-generated recap of what was missed without interrupting everyone awkwardly.

Once the meeting is over, AI Companion makes life easier with features such as intelligent recordings, which automatically divide cloud recordings into smart chapters for reviewing later. It will highlight important information and create a list of things that must be followed up on. Now, anyone who missed a meeting can be caught up quickly without taking up the valuable time of a teammate.

An inbox of emails that need a reply can be a daunting task for anyone who is already overloaded with work. Zoom is bringing another feature to AI Companion later this month that will help compose email messages with the right tone and length.

Now that all those emails have been answered, it is time to catch up on all the unread chat messages that have accumulated. AI Companion will take all those unread messages and quickly summarize them, making seeing the big picture easier. Later this year, users will also be able to respond to those messages quickly with suggestions from AI Companion, helping to complete sentences and responses.

Zoom says that it is working to evolve its AI Companion on its platform continually. Future updates will include having a conversation with the AI, much like one would with a real assistant. Users will be able to ask AI Companion to help prepare a range of tasks, like setting up for upcoming meetings, getting a consolidated summary of prior Zoom meetings and relevant chat threads, and finding relevant documents from connected third-party applications with the user's permission. Zoom Phone will also be integrated into AI Companion, enabling an AI-generated analysis of recorded phone calls and summaries of SMS messages and voicemails.

Zoom clarifies that a user's privacy is essential and that no data will be shared to train its AI or any other while using AI Companion on its platform. Anyone with an eligible paid Zoom plan can start taking advantage of AI Companion and view how to get started via Zoom's support page.