ZeeVee Adds Mac Compatibility To Zinc Viewer

ZeeVee, the online viewing portal that's giving the likes of Hulu a real run for their money, has just announced compatibility with yet another major platform: OS X. The Massachusetts-based company has just let loose its highly anticipated Mac client of Zinc, which is a GUI of sorts that places a boatload of internet TV channels at your fingertips. Designed to be used in full-screen mode on your computer monitor or even on a living room TV, Zinc Beta 3 for Mac doesn't look any different than the software for PCs. It should be noted, however, that this version is only compatible with OS X 10.5, and thus, Intel-based Mac computers.


VeeVee co-founder and CEO Vic Odryna made sure that his appreciation for the Mac community was well known: "The Mac community is very important to us, especially since they tend to be very media savvy. The response to Zinc, both in the U.S. and globally, has been outstanding and we can only imagine how much more popular it will become once Mac enthusiasts experience it, use it and share it with their friends."

In addition to Mac support, ZeeVee announced an important new capability that allows users and content owners to add content into Zinc with little or no effort. Media RSS, as it's called, has been integrated into this build, giving video junkies the ability to add a feed to the GUI with just a single click. ZeeVee has also added capabilities that allow users to control the playback of that content using a standard remote control. Mr. Odryna continued by noting that "until now, ZeeVee decided what content to include in Zinc, and performed all of the organization and presentation of that content; content owners and users can now expand Zinc at will." Anyone plan on giving it a go? It's free, you know.