YouTube wants to depose Colbert, Stewart

Colbert and Stewart on the other side of the desk?  In other words, being interviewed instead of interviewing someone?  That will be what happens if Google gets its way.  Google wants to depose the two of them, in addition to at least 30 other witnesses, in testimony pertaining to the Viacom lawsuit leveled against Google and YouTube.
The two comedians are apparently being dragged into the copyright fight between their employer and Google. Entertainment conglomerate Viacom, the company behind Stewart's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report filed a lawsuit against Google last year, alleging that Google and YouTube encourages users to pirate copyright material.
Trying to get a straight answer out of Colbert or Stewart - particularly Colbert - might be a challenge in and of itself.  Why do I expect to see a clip from his deposition on his show?  At any rate, much as the article says, "Viacom could argue that interviewing Stewart and Colbert is irrelevant to the case and will try to convince the judge that deposing them is unnecessary."  I really do not see how Colbert or Stewart could contribute something useful - humorous, yes, useful, no.
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