YouTube TV Courts Cord Cutters With Free Showtime For The Summer

YouTube TV
Summer is here, which means that many children around the country are out of school and waiting for September to roll around to get back into the daily grind. With this in mind, there are lots of students, teachers, and folks on vacation who want something to watch on those long, hot, lazy summer days. If you are a cord cutter finding something to watch can be a challenge, but YouTube TV subscribers have something to binge on.

YouTube TV has announced that it is giving away months of free Showtime to subscribers. That will give you plenty of time to binge on Ray Donovan, Billions, and other shows and movies the premium cable network offers. It's not clear right now if all YouTube TV subscribers are eligible, or if only a select few get the free offer.

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Reports indicate that if you are eligible when you launch YouTube TV, a message will pop up that offers you free Showtime through September 9, 2019. One interesting feature is that YouTube TV promises it won't automatically bill you if you forget to cancel the service. The message that users eligible for the deal are seeing is:

As a longtime friend of YouTube TV, we're giving you SHOWTIME® through 9/5. Activate your offer in Settings to include it in your plan at no cost. And, no, we won't automatically bill you after this offer ends.

Showtime doesn't automatically get added to your service roster if you are eligible, you have to go in and add it manually. It would be worth the time for YouTube users to go into their channel roster and see if Showtime is there for free even if no offer message is seen. YouTube TV rolled out nationwide in January 2019. A price increase pushed the cost of YouTube TV from its original $35 monthly to $50 monthly over the last few months.