YouTube TV Promo Slashes Prices By Up To $20/Month, But There's A Catch

youtube tv
The move from traditional cable and satellite TV packages to streaming options was supposed to give consumers more freedom and control over video plans. However, the streaming landscape has become muddied with multiple competing services and rising prices over the years. One of the biggest offenders concerning price hikes has been Google's YouTube TV.

YouTube TV started at $35/month in 2016 and rose to $40/month in 2018. By 2019, Google raised the streaming TV service's price to $50/month, and last year, it rose yet again to $65/month. YouTube TV nearly doubled in price in four years, which is far more egregious than anything we've seen in the cable/satellite industry.

To help ease the burden for subscribers, Google is lowering the price of YouTube TV by as much as $20/month. The only problem is that this offer only extends to new subscribers. If you have already signed up for YouTube at any point during its existence, you won't be eligible for the promotion.

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Some visitors to the YouTube TV website see a discount of $10/month, while others are seeing a heftier $20 monthly discount. We tried to see if the discounts would work for us and were given a chance to take advantage of $55/month pricing for three months. Unfortunately, we never saw the $45/month pricing appear no matter how much we refreshed or when attempting to use a different web browser.

While the [up to] $20/month discount is nice, it's unfortunate that it's only limited to new customers and only lasts for three months. It would be great if Google could throw a bone to customers subjected to multiple price hikes over the years. With that being said, if you're a current YouTube TV customer, tell us when you think of the service. Is it worth $65 per month, and if not, which live TV streaming service do you prefer instead?