YouTube iOS And Android Apps Now Support 60FPS Video Streaming

Google seems pretty excited about showcasing video at 60 frames per second. So excited, in fact, that just over a month after launching 60FPS 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD) live video streaming, support for 60FPS video has been added to Google's YouTube app for iOS and Android devices. And of course you can still watch 60FPS video on the desktop, too.

Whether or not you want to watch videos at a standard known as High Frame Rate (HFR) is up to you. There have been a handful of films released to theaters in HFR, such as the Hobbit, which was short at 48FPS. While some enjoy the experience of seeing video run at the twice (or more) the framerate of a typical 24FPS movie, others have found the level of detail off-putting.

YouTube Mobile

HFR videos offer a much more detailed picture. The result is what's called a soap opera effect, similar to that found on 120Hz or higher HDTVs that use motion smoothing technologies. It's distinctly different than the way film looks when shot at 24FPS, which is what most people are used to seeing.

On the flip side, gamers are more likely to fully embrace the 60FPS standard. As such, there already exists 60FPS game videos on YouTube (60FPS video support was added to the desktop a year ago), and you can bet there will be a lot more to come. For gamers, higher framerates are desirable for smoother gameplay and to avoid stuttering during scenes that might cause framerates to dip.