YouTube Connect Livestreaming App Is Reportedly Google's Answer To Periscope

One of the newest fads in mobile is live streaming. The idea itself isn't brand new, but with Twitter (via Periscope) and Facebook both pushing live streaming functionality, users are taking notice and jumping on board. The same goes for Google, which is building a live streaming app of its own called YouTube Connect.

You're not supposed to know about YouTube Connect just yet. It hasn't been officially announced and Google isn't keen on commenting on the subject. Nevertheless, VentureBeat caught wind of the project through "a source close to the matter" and shared some of the details of YouTube Connect, details that could change by the time it ships.


As it stands now, YouTube Connect isn't all that different from Periscope and Facebook Live. To live stream whatever it is you want to share with the world you simply log into YouTube Connect using your Google or YouTube account. While in there, you can chat with and tag other people, and there's also a news feed that shows clips from friends and your YouTube subscriptions.

While you can certainly watch live streams from within the app, having it installed isn't required. The same live streaming content will be available on YouTube as well. If you have the app, you can store streams that have already been broadcasted, giving YouTube Connect a neat replay aspect to fool around with.

One thing that will be missing from YouTube Connect at launch is the ability to integrate live streams with Facebook or Twitter. Given the massive audiences on both sites, Google would be wise to address that shortcoming sooner than later.