Your Stolen Cellphone Can Scream For Help

Hot Hardware told you this month about how much information can be recovered from your increasingly powerful cellphones and PDAs, even after you think you've erased the data. Imagine what someone could get out of one that's stolen. As companies look to give their employees all the functionality they need, while keeping the stuff working no matter what fool thing the end user does to it while trying to download a Christine Aguilera ringtone, third party management of these devices looks attractive. And Synchronica's idea of having your stolen cellphone made unusable remotely while emitting a terrifying scream is just plain fun:

Synchronica's mobile phone management software Mobile Manager can remotely lock and wipe data from mobile phones as soon as their owners report the loss. If the phone has been stolen, companies can also turn on the Synchronica Scream Feature, causing an annoying and embarrassing high pitched wail to be emitted from the stolen device. "According to industry sources, it takes on average only 30 seconds for someone to notice that their phone is missing, compared to an hour for a wallet or purse", said Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Synchronica. "Using our service, crime victims can be reassured that their information is immediately removed from the stolen phone, along with the satisfaction of annoying the thief with a screaming handset."

Officer: Look for the man on the subway who just wet his pants and is holding a cellphone that doesn't work.


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