Your Smartphone Is Forrest Gump Now - Maybe

Intel is making some noise this week at their  Intel Develeoper Forum in Beijing. The most interesting  new product announcement might be  the 45nm low-power microprocessor they've called  Silverthorne. It's perfect for powering Ultra Mobile Personal Computers and Mobile Internet Devices, and with multiple communications connections, they'll make high-end smart phones obsolete. If anyone will buy one.

"When you look at the high end of the smart phone market, that will largely get replaced by (UMPCs and MIDs)," Chandrasekher said after his keynote. The idea would be that these devices would have multiple radios for connecting to both cellular and Wimax wireless networks, and voice calls could be made over either network. Smart phone momentum continues on while UMPCs sputter, however, and that's even before the arrival of Apple's iPhone.

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