You Can Already Order A Blinged Out Apple iPhone 14 If You Have A Huge Bankroll

caviar iphone
Custom smartphone company Caviar is offering people the opportunity to preorder an iPhone 14, with a starting price of just under $10,000. If you are the type that simply enjoys the finer things in life, or like to have unique items, the options range from $9,520 to $22,620.

Apple iPhone fans are always ready to break out their wallets when the latest edition to the smartphone releases for pre-order. The first wave typically sells out fairly fast, leaving some having to wait to try and grab one in-store after release. However, if you have an extra $10k laying around and really want to own a truly unique iPhone 14, Caviar is giving you an opportunity to do so. (Editor's note: Tim's a straight-up balla, I can only imagine he pulls up gold bullion bars from his couch cushions while the rest of us fish for quarters.)

bling iphone
Image Credit: Caviar

Caviar is in the business of making custom and unique smartphones. It has recently revealed its latest line of custom iPhone 14 models, that can be placed on preorder now. The blinged out models range in price from the Champagne Rose at $9,520, to the Gold Champagne Crystal with a hefty price tag of $22,620, with some models being limited editions.

If you are wondering what makes these phones worth that amount of money, Caviar says the "Luxurious design of the Crystal combined all the best gold: gold, mother of pearl, exotic leather." It continues to say it is the "embodiment of sophistication and richness of a true aristocracy."

It is worth noting that the iPhone model shown in the pictures shared by Caviar on its website are more than likely not of the actual iPhone 14. Therefore, the actual phone you receive (if you shell out that kind of cash) may not be identical to the one(s) pictured.

limited iphone
Image Credit: Caviar

The company has made similar high priced iPhones in the past, which include a $27,000 Steve Jobs iPhone, an $8,600 dinosaur iPhone (with actual fossil), and a $6,900 iPhone made with original iPhones, to name a few.

So, if you are looking to blow a cool $10k or more on an iPhone 14, you can head on over to the Caviar website and place yours on preorder now. It is not clear at the moment when you will receive the connoisseur of iPhones, so you may have to be a bit patient.

Top Image Credit: Caviar