Apple's Entry-Level iPad Is Tipped For USB-C Upgrade And A Huge Performance Lift

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Rumor has it that the upcoming update to the entry-level iPad will include a USB-C charging port, sport the A14 Bionic chip, and support fast 5G connectivity. Being the higher-end variants of the iPad already have USB-C, this would finally give the entire iPad family the universal port.

The entry-level iPad has been stuck in the past in some ways, more than likely to keep it at its lower cost. However, Apple finally seems ready to give the cheaper sibling a few much needed upgrades. 9to5Mac stated it has learned that the entry-level iPad will arrive with the A14 Bionic chip, 5G, and, wait for it, USB-C connectivity. The move seems to line up with news out of the European Union that it will be requiring companies to utilize USB-C on all smartphones, tablets, and cameras by the fall of 2014.

The iPad Pro was updated to USB-C in 2018, the iPad Air joined the move in 2020, and the iPad mini in 2021. This has left the entry-level iPad as the only one left in the past still using the company's lightning port. If the 10th-generation iPad (codenamed J272) does ship with USB-C, it will give it faster transfer speeds and the ability to support a wider array of peripherals. Rumor has it that Apple has also been testing USB-C with its iPhone models as well.

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Image Credit: tomekwalecki from Pixabay

Sources of 9to5Mac have indicated the 10th-generation entry-level iPad will also feature a Retina display with the same resolution as the iPad Air's display. The current version comes with a 10.2-inch LCD screen, so this would be another major upgrade to the low-end iPad. But don't get too excited about the display just yet, as reports say that specs such as wide color gamut with DCI-P3 and higher brightness will remain exclusive to the more expensive iPad siblings.

Another boost in performance will come with the inclusion of the A14 Bionic chip. When compared to the current model that has the A13 Bionic, users should see a performance gain of around 30%. For those that fancy iPads with 5G connectivity, it is also rumored the new model will support that technology as well.

Information from 9to5Mac's sources also indicate there are no signs as of yet if the model will see an update to its design along with all the other upgrades. However, with Apple making the entry-level more "modern," updating the design would make sense. We will also have to wait and see if all these upgrades will also include a bump in cost, with the current model starting at $329.

Top Image Credit: fancycrave1 from Pixabay