Apple iPhone 14: Name Change, Battery Upgrade And Everything We Know

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Leaks concerning Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 have been coming out for months now. Those leaks have pointed to supposed battery capacity, performance, cameras, and even a possible name change for one of its models.

When it comes to unreleased technology, leaks about it are bound to happen. A company like Apple will typically do its best to safeguard its upcoming device from being leaked, but someone always seems to find a way to put "confidential" information out into the world. So, here are some of leaks and rumors about the iPhone 14 that we know about so far.

One rumor that has been shared is in concern to the battery capacity of the iPhone 14. Industry insider ShrimpApplePro claims that the battery capacity will only see a minor improvement in three models, while the 14 Pro may actually see a decline. The leaked battery capacities are as follows:
  • iPhone 14- 3,279 mAh (iPhone 13- 3,227 mAh) 
  • iPhone 14 Max- 4,325 mAh (N/A) 
  • iPhone 14 Pro- 3,200 mAh (iPhone 13 Pro- 3,095 mAh) 
  • iPhone Pro Max- 4,323 mAh (iPhone 13 Pro Max- 4,352 mAh)

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Image Credit: Apple

Another leak that has been shared is about a possible name change to one of the smartphones in Apple's lineup. Leaker Lanzuk purports that the iPhone Max may change to iPhone Plus with the upcoming release. The rumor is that the rest of the lineup will keep the same names, however. The thought behind the name change is Apple is wanting to differentiate between the two 6.7-inch models that are expected to be part of the iPhone 14 lineup.

When it comes to performance, the rumor mill is suggesting that there may be a wider gap between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro models. It is being suggested that the lower end models could miss out on having the new A16 Bionic chip, giving a definite boost in performance for the Pro models over the lower end models. One other difference may come in that noticeable notch on the front of the phone. While those who opt for the lower end iPhone 14s will probably still have to deal with it, those who shell out the extra money for the Pro may no longer have to.

A couple other things the Pro model may include to set it apart from the base models is more RAM and a 48MP sensor that will replace the 12MP sensors that are believed to be remaining in the newer base models. The additional RAM will be needed in order to handle the larger file sizes from having the larger sensor, and is believed to be DDR5. All of these differences are most certainly Apple's way of creating a gap that truly makes the Pro model worthy of the extra cost.

As we get closer to the iPhone 14 lineup being launched, there are sure to be more rumors and leaks to surface. Be sure to keep checking back here on HotHardware for updates and breaking news.

Top Image Credit: Apple