Yonah Performance Preview Part 2

Anandtech has posted the second installment of his preview of Intel's new Yonah mobile processor. With some healthy performance increases in nearly every application, it appears as though Intel might have hit a homerun with Yonah. However, the gaming performance of the plaform still remains somewhat lackluster and could possibly result from the lack of an onboard memory controller.

The problem with the Core Duo is that its clock speeds aren't going to be quite high enough to be competitive, on the very high end, with AMD. Luckily for Intel, Conroe should be able to offer higher clock speeds without much of a performance penalty thanks to its 4-issue core. It is always interesting to note that Intel's marketing focus is moving away from focusing on ILP (Instruction Level Parallelism), yet one of its biggest features of their next-generation microarchitecture is a significant increase in ILP. Honestly, as it stands today, if Intel can get clock speeds up, the only area that they will need to improve on is gaming performance to be competitive with AMD. We wouldn't be too surprised if the comparisons we have shown today end up being very similar to what we encounter at Conroe's launch: with AMD and Intel performing very similarly at the same clock speeds, but with AMD's on-die memory controller giving it the advantage in gaming.
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