Yahoo To MS: Please Buy Us

With the ink still wet on stories of Microsoft walking away from their Yahoo bid we thought the drama was at its end. 

“However, it didn't take long for Yahoo to apparently start hoping that Microsoft would consider pursuing it again.  In a move like something out of a television drama, the company announced only 48 hours after Microsoft dropped its bid that it would be willing to negotiate for a sub $37 price and that it would be happy to reopen talks with Microsoft. 

Chairman Roy Bostock indicated that Yahoo's stubbornness on the $37 dollar price was basically an effort to get a bit more money out of Microsoft and it really didn't hope to get that much.”

The motivations for this apparent change of heart are certainly suspect.  Is Yahoo just toying with Microsoft, or are they honestly interested in becoming part of Redmond family?  Or is this a scheme targeted at simultaneously pleasing investors while continuing to devalue Microsoft stock?
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