Yahoo Plans To Gimp Webmail Service For Older Browsers

Attention Yahoo Mail users, if you're rocking a browser release that's now dated, you'll need to upgrade to a newer version to continue to have access to all the same features you've grown accustomed to. Beginning June 5, Yahoo will put into effect a new policy to support only the two most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.

If you choose not to upgrade, you'll still have access to your email, but you'll be automatically switched from the full-featured version of Yahoo Mail to the company's Basic Mail experience.

Firefox Update

"We understand that this policy update may be frustrating for some affected users. We appreciate their help in upgrading their browser and hope that the subsequent improvements in security, speed and functionality not just in Yahoo Mail but across their entire web experience will be welcomed," Yahoo said in a blog post. "And we are happy that going forward these current version browsers include 'auto-updating,' so users get the safest and most current browser without the hassle of manually upgrading."

Yahoo didn't clarify its stance on using Safari on a Windows PC. Apple no longer supports Safari in Windows, so even though you might be using the newest release, it's by no means new or current.

According to Yahoo, the largest group to be affected by this new policy are those running IE8, which is now more than five years old.