Yahoo Launches Redesigned Desktop Messenger App With Disaster-Averting Unsend Feature

Have you ever sent a message that you immediately regretted even writing? If so, Yahoo has your back. Its revamped Messenger app is now available for Windows and Mac desktops.

Austin Showmaker, Senior Director of Product Management stated, “With Messenger’s desktop notifications, you can multitask at your computer without having to worry about missing an important message from family, friends, or coworkers again.” 

yahoo logo on glass

Yahoo relaunched its Messenger app last December. The app was specifically redesigned with group chats in mind. Yahoo Messenger users can “like” any comment, photo, or GIF which can be especially useful, if for example, a group votes where to eat lunch by “liking” a comment. Users can also express their emotions through a library of GIF’s pulled from Tumblr. Yahoo Messenger also has a contact system powered by Xobni. Users can add contacts to specific groups such as “Family” or “Coworkers”.

But Yahoo Messenger’s latest feature is the the “unsend” button. Users can now take back any message, photo, or GIF, but there are of course some exceptions. Notifications of new messages cannot be taken back. If someone pays attention to their notifications, they will see that you deleted a message. If a friend receives a message and goes offline before it is unsent, they will still see it when they get back online.
yahoo messenger multiple devices
Yahoo also advises users to unsend their messages as soon as they can. Yahoo also warns that it may may retain copies and logs for audit and record purposes or as required by law. This issue was particularly controversial during a court case regarding a convicted drug dealer.

The “unsend” button will not work with contacts who have older versions of Yahoo Messenger. On August 5th however, this should no longer be an issue. The legacy Yahoo Messenger App will no longer function on this date.