Xoxide Bio-X, SimpleTech Nitro PC4000, Sony VAIO and More!

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Xoxide Bio-X Case Review at 3DX:

"Today 3DXtreme is taking a look at a new Case from our friends over at Xoxide, the Xoxide Bio-X Case in black. The Bio-X is a slick looking budget Case with a side panel window sporting the Bio-Hazard logo. Another attractive feature of the Bios-X Case is on the front of the Case where decorative screen covers are backlit with multicoler LEDs that alternate patterns and colors. This Case retails for $49.99 without a Power Supply Unit."

SimpleTech Nitro PC4000 Dual Channel Kit Review @ GruntvillE.com:

"The SimpleTech package is similar to most matched pair product packaging. It encases two golden modules and has all the features of the modules listed minus one; the timings. Other than the rated speed of the modules, this is by far the most important bit of information users will be looking for.. Nowhere can you find the timings of the modules; not on the package and not even on the site. This missing piece had the three of us searching high and low to find them but it was nowhere to be seen. I fired off an email to the SimpleTech folks and they provided us with the timings but I feel, as I'm sure most of you do, that this information should be included on both the packaging and website."

Designtechnica reviews the Sony VAIO VGN-A160 Notebook:

"We didn't give the A160 an award for a couple reasons. There is way too much preinstalled software and junk on the system and it can ruin the user experience. Sony also didn't add a media card reader (other than their own Sony Memory Stick) and they didn't include a scroll wheel. These should both be a given in a desktop replacement system, and why they left these out is beyond us"

MSI PCX 5750 Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware:

"The MSI PCX 5750 does have two things going for it: a great bundle and good overclockability. However, those two features are nice, but not nice enough to warrant you to buy this graphics card. Bottom line is that if you are going to be gaming on your new PCI Express system, any card based on the PCX 5750 is not what you should buy."

PCI Express Explained @ CoolTechZone:

"Bandwidth... We all want it and we all need it, but can we get enough of it? Well, PCI Express is here to satisfy our appetites for the next several years. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) was originally developed by Intel Corporation, but is now slowly coming to an end, but probably won't be entirely discarded for a couple of years. Why do we need PCI Express you might ask? Well, the PCI 2.2 bus and other revisions just don't provide us with enough bandwidth to support the evermore demanding peripheral cards. Hard drive controllers and networking cards just aren't providing enough bandwidth that some hard drives have the potential to offer."

BigBruin.Com Review: Wise Tech Flash Cables:

"Today, USB is the most widely used cable for external devices. Unfortunately in today's market of computer mods, cables are usually ignored. Wise Tech has announced some new cables that hope to change that. The cables I am talking about are the Data Flash Cable Pro and the Full Activity Flash Cable... available for USB 1.1 and 2.0, Firewire, and PS/2 connectors in a variety of colors."

OK gang, that's all I have for now, but we'll be back soon with more!

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