XFX 7800GS AGP Extreme Edition Review

If you're in the market for a powerful AGP graphics card, Motherboards.org has something on tap you'll want to check out. They've just posted a review of XFX's GeForce 7800 GS Extreme Edition. It's one of the fastest and most feature rich AGP graphics cards available.

"There's still an upgrade market for the AGP user. After all there's literally hundreds of millions of systems based upon the old standard still in use today. The 7800GS AGP Extreme Edition is positioned to take advantage of the fact that the last ATI AGP high-end card, the X850XT PE is still based upon SM 2.0. One thing that the card has going for it is the availability. The 6800 Ultra and 6800GT are barely available today in the market, being at their end-of-life cycle. Overall, it seems the new king of AGP has arrived and XFX has a solid product here."