XFX & MSI GeForce 7600GT Shoot-out

GDHardware.com has a whole lot of 7600 goodness with their XFX & MSI 7600GT shoot-out. Performance is similar of course, with the XFX holding a slight lead. MSI on the other hand has packed one heck of a cooler on their card, which could lead to some good overclocking results.

"If we had to pick which of the two is are favorite we'd have to give the slight nod to XFX. Between their better stock clock rates and double lifetime warranty we feel as if they're the ones to beat. Hardcore overclockers are going to want to snag the MSI card as its cooler lends to that demographic - or I guess anyone who demands a more silent solution will have a higher regard for MSI's double-tall GPU cooler. MSI GeForce 7600GT"


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