Xconnect 500W PSU, ASUS P5AD2 and Much More

Welcome back everyone, NJ here with another shot of juice.  If the condition of my inbox this morning is any sign of things to come, today is going to be a great day for news.  So, go make a cup of coffee, grab some toast and settle in.  Here is your AM shot...

 BigBruin.Com Review: Ultra Products Xconnect 500W PSU

"When I opened the box and saw the Ultra Products Xconnect power supply I was immediately impressed, but crossed my fingers that the performance wouldn't suffer for the incredible appearance. I was relieved, and even more impressed, when testing was completed and the Xconnect power supply proved that it wasn't all about looks."

 ASUS P5AD2 Premium Wireless Edition @ Viper Lair

"The fact is, Intel changed a lot at the beginning of this Summer with the 915/925 release, and it required a lot of manufacturers to come up with compelling products that take advantage of all these new features, and at the same time, provide an enjoyable computing experience. We think ASUS did just that with the P5AD2 Premium."

 Chenbro SR20968 SATA Server Chassis Review @ GruntvillE.com

"Directly below the 3 5 ¼" drive bays is the crème de la crème of this particular case. Optionally, you can purchase a removable SCSI or SATA drive cage with backplane. Chenbro has sent us the SATA to play with in the SR20968. Mounted to the front of the case by 4 thumbscrews, the drive cage holds a maximum of 4 SATA hard drives, each hot swappable with a simple pull of a latch. The design is remarkable and yet so simple. The basic case comes pre-equipped with a standard IDE drive cage that holds 4 drives itself. Both drive cages have ways to mount 92mm fans to the cage so that you get maximum airflow to these hot hard drives."

 Epox 8RDA6+ Pro Review @ AMD Zone

"Epox includes some great features with the 8RDA6+ Pro.  You will rarely find an Athlon XP board featuring the Gigabit Ethernet and SATA RAID from Nvidia.  You also won't often find 6 SATA ports on an Athlon XP board.  Epox also includes Firewire, SPDIF audio output, and plenty of accessories like rounded cables, a screwdriver, and small heatsinks for components."

 HEXUS.net Feature: ATI's X800 All-In-Wonder Launch

"The new AIW will include an updated 'Identity' connector which can be used to attach the new stackable I/O modules. Instead of having to connect everything at once, or have two break-out boxes (one input, one output), ATI now gives you the best of both worlds. You can have only input, only output, or both clipped together. SCART output is also now an option for Europe, plus component output for use with TVs that support the connection."

Time to jet to the day job.  I will see you back here later today :) - Cheers

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