Here Are All The Xbox One Game Highlights From Microsoft's X019 Show

grounded yard
Anyone who missed the X019 show and wants to catchup will appreciate that Microsoft is going over everything it announced at the event. Among the good news is that there are 21 titles from developers in the ID@Xbox program that will launch day one with Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud. One of the best announcements was a new survival game called "Grounded" from Obsidian.

This is a new Xbox Game Preview title that will launch in the Spring of 2020 with Xbox Game Pass. The game looks a lot like the movie "Ants" or "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." "Grounded" is a survival game where the players have been shrunken down and must survive the wild world of the backyard complete with bugs and spiders that want to kill you. The game has narrative and RPG elements, and it looks very cool.


Project xCloud coming to Windows 10 PCs and new markets was another big topic at the show. More than 50 new titles from over 25 partners will join Project xCloud public preview, including major titles like Madden NFL 20, Devil May Cry 5, and Tekken 7. Project xCloud will be coming to Windows 10 PCs, and Microsoft is working with partners to make game streaming available on other devices too. Support for additional controllers are coming including for Dualshock 4 controllers and gamepads from Razer. 

Rare announced a new game called "Everwild." Little was shared about the game with a promise for more information later. The trailer reminds a lot of the live-action "Snow White and the Huntsman" movie. Sea of Thieves fans will get to play Seabound Soul and Fire, which is the latest free monthly update starting November 20. It will bring new ammo and quests for players to enjoy.


Lots of other details were announced at the event with information on a special offer on Xbox Game Pass, details on Bleeding Edge, and lots more. The full details of what was announced at the event can be seen here. Microsoft's Project xCloud Game Steaming Preview launched in the US and UK last month.