Xbox Series X Diablo IV And Discounted PS5 God Of War Console Deal Bundles Are Live

Xbox Series X Diablo IV bundle on a black and gray gradient background.
Remember when it was nearly impossible to score an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 game console? It took a couple of years but they're both finally easy to come by without paying a greedy scalper tax. There are also tantalizing bundles available, including preorders for the Xbox Series X with Diablo IV and a delightfully discounted PS5 + God of War Ragnarok package.

Preorder The Xbox Series X - Diablo IV Console Bundle

Starting with the former, you can preorder the Xbox Series X - Diablo IV bundle for $559.99 at Best Buy and at other participating retailers. It releases on June 6, 2023, which is when Diablo IV lands. It comes with the console (duh, right?) with 1TB of built-in storage, a wireless controller, Diablo IV, and the Light-Bearer Mount with Caparison of Faith Mount Armor.

Additionally, Microsoft notes there are a few other in-game goodies included "for fans of other games from Blizzard." They include Inarius Wings and Inarius Murloc Pet for Diablo III (for console and PC), Amalgam of Rage Mount for World of Warcraft (PC), and Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set for Diablo Immortal (mobile).

Technically this doesn't amount to a discount because that's the bundle's regular MSRP. However, it's about $10 less than purchasing the Xbox Series X and Diablo IV separately, the latter of which starts at $69.99.

Infographic of Diablo IV beta testing stats.

Incidentally, Blizzard just wrapped up two weekends of beta testing for Diablo IV. According to Blizzard, gamers collectively logged nearly 62 million hours of playtime, making it the largest beta in Diablo franchise history. More fun stats can be seen in the infographic above.

Score A Rare Discount On A PlayStation 5 Console

Meanwhile, Sony is offering the first real discount on its PlayStation 5 console—you can grab the PlayStation 5 + God of War Ragnarok Bundle for $509.99 on Amazon (save 9%). That's $50.99 below the MSRP and just $9 more than buying the PS5 by itself. If you have even a passing interest in playing God of War Ragnarok, the bundle is the way to go versus buying the standalone console.

This is easily the best PS5 deal we've seen to date, in part because it's the only meaningful one. Even after two years, discounts on the console are virtually nonexistent. That said, if you're only interested in the standalone console, the PS5 is in stock at Amazon for $499.

Either way, we highly recommend picking up Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, which is on sale for $48.99 on Amazon (save 30%). That's $21 below the regular price and it comes with Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. Or if you already played the first game, you can pick up Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (regular edition) for $34.99 on Amazon (also 30% off).