Microsoft's Xbox Series S Toaster Is Here And It Doesn't Cost Gamers A Lot Of Bread

If you've been anxiously waiting for the announcement of next generation gaming consoles, we've got something to keep your tummy full in the meantime. While there is still no firm news on Sony's eventual PlayStation 5 Pro or update to Microsoft's Xbox, there is a new item for your kitchen or game room snack bar. 

Walmart is now selling an Xbox Series S Toaster, complete with imprinting the Xbox logo on your morning breakfast. Coming in at a reasonable $39.99 and a snazzy design that resembles the actual game console, this kitchen appliance comes with a surprisingly utilitarian feature set, showing it's not just a gimmick item. 

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There's no HDMI input on this Toaster, but you can do bagels

What are you getting aside from instant stardom amongst your Xbox playing buddies? First, this is a 2-slice toaster, with an extra wide slot. Pop one large piece of bread in there, or split it up into two smaller items. A digital countdown makes sure that you're ready for battle when the clock strikes, avoiding the unfortunate burnt toast scenario. 

With settings to choose the intensity of how light or dark the toast comes out, there is some flexibility built-in here for everyday usability. A defrost button also helps with frozen items, of which you can toast a variety of items. Bagels, regular bread, and even frozen waffles are all fair game for this Xbox Series S toaster. 

It also comes with other accouterments a kitchen-aficionado may appreciate, such as automatic temperature control, and easy to clean crumb tray. 

That's a Xbox Series X fridge, to go with your toaster

The Xbox Series S toaster will go perfectly next to the available Xbox Series X compact, which looks like its namesake. At over 2 feet tall, this gaming-inspired appliance can fit a bevy of loot in the way of soda cans and water bottles. You can also keep some bread cold and fresh, ready to pop in the Xbox Series S toaster with its defrost function to help warm it up. 

Coming in at $199.99, the Xbox Series X Fridge is a bit more of a financial commitment than the toaster, but it is also more flexible in its room placement potential and its capabilities to cool many items. Also, don't confuse this with the cheaper Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, which is a thermoelectric cooler—it looks neat but isn't great at actually cooling things. The compact fridge, while much pricier, is the wiser choice in our opinion.