Xbox One Streaming To Windows 10 PCs Is Now Available To All

In some ways, you can think of Windows 10 as a 'do-over' for Microsoft. Windows 10 is set to achieve what Windows 8 set out to do, which is bring interoperability between totally different devices, and do it without shoving the Metro UI down users' throats. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the revolution has already begun, and it gains steam today as Microsoft unlocks functionality for all Xbox One owners to stream their games to a Windows 10 PC.

Previously that function was only available in Preview form, but as of now, it's expanded to everyone who owns an Xbox One and has a PC or tablet (or 2-in-1, etc) with Windows 10 installed. To get started, go into your Xbox One's Settings menu, select Preferences, then look for Allow game streaming to other devices.

Xbox One Screenshot

That takes care of things on the Xbox One side of the equation. To prepare your Windows 10 or PC tablet, install the latest version of the Xbox app. Once finished, open it up and select Connect and then +Add a device (you'll find these options on the left-hand side). Plug in a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC or tablet and go to Home > Recently Played to pick out a game to stream. Finally, select Play from Console and you're golden. Alternately, you can go to Home > Game Streaming in the Xbox App to give yourself full control your Xbox One on your Windows 10 PC.

"You will need to be running the latest build of the Windows 10 on your PC, then the Xbox app on Windows 10 should automatically update to the new version when it becomes available in the Windows Store," Microsoft says. "Once you receive the update, your version number should be 7.7.16004.00000 or higher. You can verify the version number of the Xbox app on Windows 10 under Settings."

In addition to game streaming, Microsoft is beefing up other aspects of the Xbox app for Windows 10. Included among them is a party chat option in beta form, along with several other feature upgrades.