Xbox One Scores Big on Black Friday Surpassing PS4 and Others

Ladies and gentlemen, the next generation console wars has begun. Like the game Risk, there are multiple factions: Nintendo with its Wii U console, Sony and its PlayStation 4, and Microsoft with its Xbox One system. Up to date, the Wii U has struggled to reach the kind of sales Nintendo was hoping, while both the Xbox One and PS4 surged past the starting line by notching more than a million unit sales in the first 24 hours. Will either one prove more popular than the either?

It's still very early for these two newcomers, but based on Black Friday sales, the Xbox One looks to be the early favorite. According to InfoScout's tracking data, the Xbox One outsold every other living room console at Walmart and Target, notching 31 percent of sales. The Xbox 360 was close behind with a 30 percent share, meaning 6 out of every 10 consoles sold was an Xbox One or Xbox 360. Well played, Microsoft.

Console Chart
Source: InfoScout

It seems pretty clear that the Xbox One, and Microsoft's ecosystem as a whole, are the early favorite despite the former being the most expensive console on the list, but there are other factors involved. For one, finding the PlayStation 4 in stock was no easy task during Black Friday. Secondly, Walmart marked down the Xbox 360 to '$99 for the occasion.

At the same time, we don't want to overstate these factors. Without questioning the buyers, it's impossible to know how many Xbox One consumers wanted a PS4 but were willing to 'settle' for Microsoft's console because it was in stock. We don't doubt that would explain some of the sales, but it probably doesn't explain the Xbox One outselling the PS4 at a 2-to-1 ratio.

Games Chart
Source: InfoScout

The primary purpose of owning a console is to play games, and with that said, 85 percent who bought one said they plan to also purchase at least 2 video games during the holiday season. Of those who did purchase a game, Call of Duty: Ghosts was the most popular, followed by Disney Infinity, Skylanders: Swap Force, Grand Theft Auto V (see our review), and Madden NFL 25 rounding out the top 5.