Xbox One Promotion Lets You Grab A Free Game With Console Purchase Next Week

Here's a friendly heads up that if you're planning to purchase an Xbox One console, do yourself a solid and wait until next week. Waiting sucks, we know that, but in exchange for your patience, Microsoft will reward you with a free game. It's part of a promotion that runs from September 7 (Sunday) through September 13 (Saturday).

If you purchase an Xbox One from a participating retailer during that week, you'll get a free Xbox One game of your choice. And by your choice, Microsoft really means it -- you don't have to make your selection from a crappy assortment of pre-approved titles. The only caveats are that the free game must be priced $59.99 or lower, and it can't be a pre-order title.

Xbox One Game Promotion

The promotion is valid on new console purchases only. However, it also applies to Xbox One system bundles. That means you can pick up the Xbox One Madden NFL 15 Bundle or Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle and still score a free title of your choosing, whether it's Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Destiny, or whatever.

Destiny is one of the more anticipated titles coming out, and it arrives on September 9 (Tuesday). It's not exclusive to the Xbox One, but the timing of Microsoft's promotion could sway users to pick up the company's console over Sony's PlayStation 4. Not only do we think Microsoft is aware of this, but there's a good chance it was timed this way exactly for that reason.

Sony, the ball's now in your court. Will your respond?