Xbox One Game Streaming Could Come To Windows 10 Mobile Devices

It looks like Windows Phone could soon be enjoying an update that lets Xbox One gamers stream their favorite titles over to their mobile devices. As many revelations have been made known lately, this one was discovered by a reddit user who quickly revealed their discovery on the website. It's not a light one, either; there has since been other people to back the original founder up.

When a friend messaged them on their Windows smartphone, reddit user eric5949 accidentally clicked on the name of the game that it was attached to and noticed interesting wording: "Play from console". Normally, this says "Play on console", so it stood out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, tapping on that option doesn't actually let you stream games, but it does point to the fact that the feature is coming.

Xbox One Windows Phone

Once "Play from console" is selected, a "Stop streaming" option appears at the top, implying that it's working. From there, the quality of the stream can be selected, as well as other various features controlled. What you could ultimately see is an error that tells you that you can't stream from your console, and to "Try again later.", or another error that tells you that you didn't enable the streaming feature on your Xbox One (even if you did).

Another poster uploaded a handful of images to show the potentially forthcoming feature off, which includes the shot seen above. So what's the deal? If we had to guess, some update to Windows Phone implemented this feature before it could be rolled out to the Xbox One, either by accident, or as a preface to the Xbox One's complement feature being launched very shortly.

If there's one thing companies like Microsoft need to learn, though, it's that if you leave even a sliver of a hint of a new feature in popular software, someone is going to find it. At this point, it feels like we're just waiting on Microsoft to pull the trigger on the Xbox side.