Microsoft Xbox One Fall Update Delivers A Faster And More Personalized Dashboard Experience

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Angled
The Fall Creators Update will be available for Windows 10 users starting tomorrow, but if you have an Xbox One console, the fun starts today. Microsoft announced that the Fall Update is now rolling out to the Xbox One and Xbox One S -- it will also presumably be preinstalled on the upcoming Xbox One X.

Thanks to the feedback provided by Xbox Insiders, Microsoft has a wealth of new functionality, performance, and usability improvements that are packed in to the Fall Update. For starters, the Home screen is even more customizable, allowing you to have up to 40 pins for the content that you want. This personalization extends to your favorite games, friends, and even your Xbox Pass subscription. You can choose from dark, light, or high-contrast themes, and it's now easy to discover friend activity and game leaderboards.

xbox one fall update

The Guide is faster and more powerful than ever, giving you easy access to information using horizontal tabs. Game invites now show up in the Multiplayer tab, as does the new Tournaments section. There are other odds and ends like screen-dimming to help prevent display burn-in when you step away from your console for an extended period to time, an enhanced notification system, and a redesigned Game Hub.

Microsoft has also implemented ways for you to seek out (or create) content with the Mixer tab located on your dashboard. There are updates to Broadcast and Capture; a webcam can be hooked up via USB to capture your face during your intense gaming sessions; and GameDVR has been upgraded to support 4K/HDR screenshots and game footage (an Xbox One X is required for this functionality).

There's quite a few items that we're missing from the exhaustive list of updates, but you can check out the Xbox blog for additional details.