Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar Adds New Frame Rate Counter Overlay And More

PC gamers have a new update for the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar that will allow them to keep an eye on system resources and achievements. Microsoft's updated Xbox Game Bar is adding a couple of features that gamers have been asking for, including a frame rate counter and an achievement overlay. The frame rate overlay is as expected; it gives you a frame rate counter in frames per second for any game you might be running at the time, allowing you to monitor performance in real time.

gamebar widgets

The FPS counter can be customized in the Performance overlay section. The achievement overlay helps you to keep track of your achievements over time and showcases the achievements that have been unlocked so far. The benefit to having this overlay is that you can see at a glance, while you are playing a game, what achievement might be the easiest to go for next.

fps coutner achievement

The Xbox Game Bar is a free download for Windows 10 users and can be downloaded here. The download is small at just 31.99 MB. Microsoft launched the Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 in May as part of the May 2019 update for the operating system. The Xbox Game Bar is an overlay that is based on widgets that can be added to the screen while you game.

The widgets can be moved around the desktop, and gamers can pin them in place if desired. Widgets that launched with the game bar included widgets for social interaction, system monitoring, and one for Spotify music playback. The big selling point for the Xbox Game Bar over similar offerings that have been around longer, is that Microsoft rolled the Xbox Game Bar into Windows, making it work on just about any PC and with any game. Windows 10 users can call up the Xbox Game Bar just by hitting the Win+G key combination.