XBox 360 To "Unlock" 1080p Functionality

Microsoft has just publicly stated that the company will be offering a software upgrade later this year that will "unlock" the ability to output game and movie content at 1080p. The whole topic of 1080p and how necessary it would be for this generation of consoles has been an interesting topic the last year or two. As many will remember, Microsoft initially dismissed 1080p and downplayed the Playstation 3's full support of the resolution. However as we can see within an old E3 report by Anand, Microsoft and ATI have always had the ability to support 1080p with the XBox 360 hardware. In fact, the Xenos GPU within the XBox 360 can actually support 1080p (1920x1080) with 4x AA at no performance penalty!

"Xbox 360 and the HD DVD Player together deliver the most powerful and affordable games and movie system for Japanese consumers," Moore said. "The freedom to choose their entertainment experiences is extremely important for consumers as they enter the next generation." In addition, Microsoft announced that its fall software update, scheduled for release later this year, will allow all Xbox 360 consoles around the world to output game and movie content in 1080p resolution.