Xbox 360 Pro to Get $50 Price Cut on Sunday

Rumors have been circulating of a possible $50 price cut for the Xbox 360 Pro, the 20 GB model. While still a rumor, more evidence has arisen which seems to not just point to a $50 price cut, but also to the day: this coming Sunday.

Below is an image scanned from a Target flier. Not only is the price cut by $50, Target is throwing in a $25 gift card as well.

To the right, you can see a scanned image from a Best Buy flier. They're not throwing in a gift card, so Target has the better deal, for those of you who are frugal.

The last such price cut for the Xbox 360 Pro came in August 2007, when it was cut from $399 to $349.

This does leave the Xbox 360 Core in an awkward price point, at only $20 less than the Pro. We'll see what happens to that system.