Xbox 360: Good, but not great

Over at CNN Money, opinions of the new XBox 360 are shared. While the technology behind the system is amazing, and the hype has been intense, the starting game lineup might not dazzle you like the original XBox.

"The Xbox 360 goes on sale Tuesday, Nov. 22 and will cost either $299 for a bare bones machine that will not allow you to play existing Xbox games or $399 for a fully loaded, backward compatible system (by far the smarter buy). It's certainly a sleek piece of equipment, with enough technological oomph to make even the most casual gamer raise their eyebrows. And Microsoft continues to extend its lead in the online console marketplace. But when it comes to must-have games, the Xbox 360 falls short. While there are several good - and even very good - titles that will be available at launch, there's nothing truly great."

So will this keep people from buying one? Of course not.

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