X38 To Feature 2 New Technologies

The X38 chipset that Intel is feverishly preparing for a launch this fall, is due to ship with 2 new “extreme” technologies:
“The two new technologies are named Extreme Memory and Extreme Tuning Utility. Both new marketing lead architectures will be introduced along with the X38 chipset in October this year, according to motherboard makers.”
Extreme Memory is most likely a technology similar to that of NVIDIA's SLI Memory. In theory it should allow users to plug a pair of supported memory modules into an X38-powered motherboard and have the motherboard either automatically select the best performance option or allow users to select from a list of pre-defined memory speeds/timings/voltages that both the motherboard and memory can run.

The Extreme Tuning is a utility that will enable users to adjust BIOS settings while they're in Windows.

While these features might seem similar to nTune and SLI Memory otherwise known as EPP (Enhanced Performance Profile) Memory, there's no word on whether or not Intel developed these on their own or bought the technology from another vendor.