Wrist TV, Jetwat's N2VIEW and a Whole Bunch of HDs

Greetings and Salutations loyal HotHardware fans!  This is your favorite oversized Italian hardware geek, checking in with a mid-afternoon helping of hardware goodness.  I'm fighting off a cold (or allergies - I'm not sure yet), and need to get back to benchmarking, so I'll unfortunately have to be brief.  So here goes...

 Mega Roundup 2: Twenty Two Hard Disk Drives with 120GB Storage Capacity @ Xbit:

"This time we would like to offer you a detailed test session for 22 hard disk drives with 120GB storage capacity from the five leading HDD makers, such as Western Digital, IBM/Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Maxtor. More tests results and analysis than ever in our new mega roundup!"

 Half-Cube Review @ Epiacenter.com:

"On paper the Rebach HTPC looks like a winner. It's size is equivalent to Hifi components, 2 PCI cards can be used, there's a mounting plate for the DC-DC adapter, a 128x64 LCD with blue backlight and an IR-receiver is also included. Do these features justify the price-tag and how's the build quality? We're about to answer these questions in this review."

 Jetway N2VIEW review @ Hexus.net:

"With an onboard graphics core and decent performance from Athlon XP, the N2VIEW makes a lot more sense as a MagicTwin platform, compared to the PT800TWIN.  Low cost processors, no need to initially purchase a compatible graphics card and low cost make things that bit more bearable.  The caveats that apply to all MagicTwin systems still apply here; Microsoft's charge for Windows XP and licensing restrictions for many apps on the Windows platform seem to nix the idea before it gets too far off the ground.  But with a bit of software shopping homework, there's value to be had from a MagicTwin setup."

 NHJ Wrist TV VTV-101 Review @ i4U:

"The US division of Japanese NHJ Limited sent us a sample of their wearable TV VTV-101. To say the least, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to review this new Ueber Gadget. As far as I know I4U is the first to publish a review of the VTV-101.  The good news right away: The NHJ Wearable TV is available in the US through Dynamism and soon through Catalog Company Hammacher Schlemmer (yes those are the guys from the airplane Gadget Shopping Magazine).  20 years after Seiko's TV Wrist Watch, NHJ Limited brings us a new Wrist TV, this time all components are actually in the Watch and not in a big box to wear on the belt, as it was the case for the Seiko watch."

 FIC K8-800T AMD 64 Motherboard Review @ Techware Labs:

"Processing at 64 bit is currently thought of as the future brought to us in the here and now. AMD was the first to market with a consumer level serious 64 bit processor. Shortly after, FIC released an AMD 64 motherboard aimed at the mainstream market that would bring 64 bit computing to consumers at a price that was well below the competition."

 X-Micro WLAN 11G Broadband Router and PCI Card @ TechTastic.ca:

"Awhile ago we had the chance to take a look at X-Micro's 802.11b Broadband router. Now with the 802.11g busting out on the scene, X-Micro has stepped up to the plate and upgraded the broadband router to the new standard. Today we take a look at this newer version router and PCI Card that boasts an 802.11g Turbo Mode capable of 108 Mbit/s!"

Time for me to go!  Be cool brothers and sisters...

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