World's First Fully Automatic Lawnmower

No it's not a car.

Husqvarna claims that its Automower is "the world's first fully automatic lawnmower." Of course, one of the things users must always do manually is set up the perimeter by laying down wires to define the Automower's boundaries. Being able to handle rain, inclines, and obstacles - it simply reverses when it bumps into stuff - the Automower is, without a doubt, both a smart and hassle-free minion. Complete with its own docking station, the Automower simply checks in to charge its batteries when it is low on fuel and can navigate all on its own. The Automower even incorporates a schedule feature, giving "users" the freedom from having to turn the Automower on and off.
"The Husqvarna Auto Mower is a battery-powered mower that works independently. Mowing in a random pattern for consistent coverage, your lawn is always freshly manicured. The mowing action is continuous and the cuttings are redistributed to the ground as fertilizer."
The Automower uses nickel metal hydride batteries. Husqvarna promises that it is so quiet, it can even be set to mow your lawn during the night. As for safety, the Automower's blades only spin when it is in motion. When lifted off the ground, the blades are halted by saftey sensors. Those who are interested in saving the planet (just a little bit) and a few of their Saturday-afternoon hours must pay a premium, as with most environmentally friendly devices, for the Automower. Although the Automower is cool, with its nifty features and sweet looks, the $2,000 price tag isn't so much.
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