Wireless Fast Enough To Make Your Fillings Hum

IBM will announce today that they've partnered with Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek to develop and sell super high-speed chipsets that can wirelessly transfer hi-def-video-sized files between computers, televisions, and other gadgets at speeds over 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi.

As consumers increasingly turn to the Internet as a source for movies and television shows, and wireless networks become more prevalent in homes, finding a way to move large video files around the home wirelessly is one of the biggest problems facing tech and entertainment companies.

"The idea is to replace those bulky cables in the house," said Mehmet Soyuer, a lead researcher in IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., which developed the technology.

IBM solution to replace all those cables used to connect computers, high-definition TV sets and cable set-top boxes comes in a very tiny package. Using a technology called silicon germanium, IBM expects to be able to mass-produce chips smaller than a dime that can be integrated into those devices.

By using their chipset to make transmissions in the 60 gigahertz range, instead of the current standard 2.4 gigahertz for wireless networks, IBM expects you'll be able to transfer a 10 GB file in about 5 seconds, instead of the 10 minutes they calculate the same file would take now. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 extra for any electronic device equipped with the little wonder. Yes, as always: faster, please!
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