WinXP Tweak Companion, Shuttle XPC SN95G5, and more!

Good evening ladies and gents. My new hardware remains to be delivered, and I think this is the first time FedEx has actually been wrong on the arrival time. I'm sure many of you are facing similar problems with the busy holiday, so we can be impatient together :) However, what you don't have to wait for is the news...

PC AirCon PAC 400 Review @ OCModShop

"A Chinese company called Waffer has thought of a new way to control this heat, in the form of a small air conditioner. This unit cools outside air and forces it into the computer, benefiting the entire system. This principle is the same used in electric drink coolers for automobiles."

Shuttle XPC SN95G5 (Socket-939) @ hardwarezone

"If style and prose is your cup of tea, the new SN95G5 will not disappoint. If performance is what you want, the SN95G5 will fit the bill. Feel the urge to overclock? Guess what, the SN95G5 can do it too. Read our review on the hottest Athlon 64 XPC on the block."

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 939 90 nm Review @ penstarsys

"AMD has added something extra into the mix that Intel doesn't have, and that is SOI (Silicon On Insulator). This extra wrinkle may make all the difference in the world. We have seen the effects of SOI on AMD products, as the Athlon XP's on their base 130 nm process were fairly hot running and maxed out at 2.2 GHz. The Athlon 64, a much more complex product, is able to do 2.6 GHz on 130 nm SOI (with some strained silicon thrown in for good measure)."

Windows XP Tweaking Companion @

"'s Windows XP Tweaking Companion (XPTC) is the complete Windows XP and system optimization guide. No longer do you have to put up with so-called 'XP Tweak Guides' which have a handful of Registry tweaks and some vague optimization advice - the XPTC brings an enormous range of detailed descriptions and resources together in one free 170 page downloadable PDF file."

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