WinXP Command Prompt Guide, Logisys LED Stove fan, and more!

Good evening folks, it's time for the last news post of the day. Coming straight at you are reviews for the ThermalTake PurePower 680w PSU, and Logisys LED Stove Fan. You can try your luck with a contest for some Sunbeamtech Chameleon products, and there's also a much needed guide for the WindowsXP Command Prompt. Also, if your checking in for the first time today, make sure you don't miss Robert's review of the Foxconn e-bot Small Form Factor PC. Goodnight all :)

ThermalTake PurePower 680 watt PSU Review @

"Today I am reviewing the HUGE Thermaltake PurePower 680watt Power Supply Unit (PSU). This thing is a beast. I am going to put it through the wringer to let you know how "Bigger is Better" with a larger and more powerful PSU. Not only is wattage the BIG item, this PSU has lots of BIG options and specifications."

Sunbeamtech Chameleon Giveaway! @ LAN Addict

"LAN Addict and Sunbeam Technologies are teaming up to give you a chance to win one of three Sunbeamtech Chameleon cas e lighting products! All you have to do is answer a few simple, product-related questions! :-D This giveaway runs from today, February 7, 2005, until Midnight, Central Standard Time, February 21, 2005, and is open to anyone, anywhere, so long as your entry does not violate any local or international laws."

Beginners Guides: WindowsXP Command Prompt @ PCStats

"Back in the heyday of text-based operating systems like Unix and DOS, the command prompt was the operating system, and not knowing how to use it meant that you could not really use your system. The command prompt, a purely text-driven interface, is still present at the core of Windows XP, and it contains many options that are not otherwise accessible without third-party software, but which most 'experts' could not live without."

Logisys LED Stove Fan Review @ Mikhailtech

"The concept behind the Stove Fan is the mounting of LEDs directly above the fan blades rather that inside the motor or the frame. That's right, the LEDs spin with the fan blades. The rated lifespan is somewhat disappointing: 20,000 hours. This translates into a little over 2 years of continuous operation which, while more than enough for most users (over 4 years if you turn off your computer when you go to sleep), is significantly less than the 50,000 hours of most other fans."

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