Windows XP Still Dominates the Desktop, What's the Hold Up?

Windows XP has secured its spot in history as perhaps the most beloved version of Windows ever, and it's certainly a fan favorite to this day. That might be understating things. More than just a fan favorite, Windows XP, for better or worse, is the most used operating on the planet, according to data by Net Applications.

The decade old OS can be found on almost half of all PCs with a 48.03 percent share of the OS market. That's down from 69.99 percent in November 2009 -- as far back as Net Applications allows us to look -- and down 50.5 percent in the month of September, but still well ahead of Windows 7, which is now on 34.62 percent of all PCs.

Windows XP might be a dead OS walking, but it simply refuses to lay down and die.

Vista, meanwhile, has dropped it's market share to 8.85 percent, down from 9.09 percent at the end of September and from 18.8 percent in November 2009. Vista lost its lead over Windows 7 back in July 2010, but never managed to threaten Windows XP.

What's interesting about these figures is that it's conceivable Windows 7 might not catch up to Windows XP before the launch of Windows 8 next year. It's hard to imagine that XP will retain its lead over Windows 7 forever, however, as Microsoft will finally stop supporting the legacy OS in April 2012 2014, and "there's absolutely no chance" of extending that date, InformationWeek reports Rich Reynolds, general manager for Windows Commercial marketing, as saying.

Which OS(es) are you rocking at home and/or at work?